project life 2012: week two


Week two, still loving this project, and feeling a lot less pressure. Getting things figured out during week one was the hard part, so now it's smooth sailing. Week two was when I discovered clean eating. Actually, I should say that week one was when I discovered it and bought a related magazine, but week two was where I actually took action and pictures. I used the magazine to plan our meals for the week, and during my grocery trip I bought a lot of ingredients to replace the "dirty" ones in our house. I included a couple pictures of the pantry organiztion. Last year, Dan and I made a huge change to our diets and started buying better foods so our pantry wasn't horrible when it came to certain things, but others changed a lot—like replacing sugar with agave, raw honey, and evaporated cane juice. I also made a batch of clean-eating almond flour chocolate chip cookies with my new mixer, and they were delicious! 


So far it's been a mild winter, but we finally saw some winter temperatures, ice, and a tiny bit of snow. I took a screenshot of the weather forecast with my iPhone, and printed it to fit. When Dan and I weren't trying out new recipes, we were keeping warm and snuggling with the cats. In the upper right corner, I included a screenshot from a funny video I took of Merry and a train car. The orange "LAUGH, LOVE..." card came from my clementine kit


I'm sure it doesn't seem that interesting now, but I decided to include a song verse from a current favorite—Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers. I know it will be fun to look back and see what songs I liked during the year. 


Overall, I just documented a bunch of mundane life during week two, but that's what this project is for me. I enjoy including the boring bits of the week because I know they'll be cool someday—whether that someday is months from now or years from now.


If you're curious what Project Life is, it's a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more here.

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